Editing and Ghostwriting

Editing is the ‘dark art’ of publications. It takes enormous understanding (and tact) to edit text that someone else has written. It is a skill that either ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ a book. No matter how good they are, authors cannot successfully edit their own books – being too close to what they have written to look critically for errors in continuity, spelling and phraseology.

Editors exist in a nether world and come into contact with few people … other than ghost writers, who also receive very little recognition for their efforts. Harold Abrahams is a creature of both worlds … and will emerge to accept assignments to edit or ghostwrite your book, speeches and submissions, if tempted by talk of payment.

Leading Australian lawyer David Landa recently wrote his memoirs, covering his father’s political years and his own history as the NSW Ombudsman, the State’s chief magistrate and as a senior legal advisor.

“Harold took the rather formal language of a lawyer, restructured my draft, challenged ‘facts’, and turned my memoirs into a biography that even I have enjoyed reading.”
David Landa, Former NSW Ombudsman and Chief Magistrate

Chris Wilson, who has had many years of experience trading futures, options and foreign exchange, handed the text of his book to Harold Abrahams to ensure that the terminology and techniques would be easily understood by the average reader.

“By their very nature, trading systems are quite technical. Harold took my words, simplified explanations of the concepts and produced text that was easy to read and understand. It was quite a feat.”
Chris Wilson, Automated Trading System Architect.

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