Harold Abrahams is a leading specialist in writing corporate histories and biographies that ensure your company’s rightful place in history – and that its achievements over the years are not forgotten.

A corporate history and a biography should be compelling to read; a story of achievement. Highly anecdotal, it should course the highs and the lows of a company’s existence – and the people who have steered it along its way.

Never To Be Forgotten

Future generations will want to know about its leaders, its progress and its ‘milestones’ – particularly those in the early years of this century.

These achievements should not:

  • Lie forgotten deep in a company archive.
  • Be retained solely on a web site – which is likely to be severely amended … or even totally overwritten by a successor.

Outstanding Interviewing Skills

All of Harold’s books are highly anecdotal and reveal the real people behind their sometimes formidable reputations.

// Sir William Tyree was reputed to be one of Australia’s toughest negotiators. I had been warned to “count my fingers when I left”. Nevertheless, I noticed a tear falling on his cheek as he spoke about his childhood. He admitted to me that, previously, no one had ever seen him cry. //

Now Is The Time

Time is the enemy. Your story has a contemporary value that diminishes with the ensuing years. Just ask yourself – how much do you know about the achievements of your predecessors?

Do you and your team deserve a better legacy?

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// Harold, your work on the massive task of writing TNT’s history across five continents was outstanding.

It is a unique and irreplaceable record. //

David Mortimer, TNT