Corporate Histories

Harold Abrahams is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. He understands business. That is why many of the world’s leading companies have entrusted him to create important publications such as their corporate histories

A well written corporate history tells how a company’s founders, directors and executives achieved their growth and breakthroughs ‘against the odds’ – constantly meeting and beating ongoing challenges, coping with economic change, persistently innovating and producing better products and services.

The executives of firms that commission their corporate histories or personal stories are leaving more than a history. They are leaving a legacy.

Massive Market

When you commission a corporate book to be written, you know the potential profile of the types of people that you want to reach. However, your primary market may be far more extensive than you first realise.

On average it generally includes:

  • Employees and potential employees.
  • The broad investment community.
  • Corporate researchers and the media.
  • Suppliers and customers.
  • Governments at all levels.
  • VIPs and overseas visitors.
  • local communities.

Broader Benefit

Many other sectors constantly seek information about the expertise, ingenuity and initiatives of companies. Press, radio and television frequently use excerpts from corporate histories to background an executive profile or a feature.

Featuring the book on your web site – as does Jones Lang LaSalle – provides wide-ranging marketing and PR benefits.

Corporate histories are ready sources of reference for generations to come, focused on the people who have made each company the powerhouse it is today.

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// Updating an important decade of Boral’s history was very important to us, especially as it covered a number of significant events and the perspectives of people that might otherwise have been forgotten. //

Kylie FitzGerald, Boral Limited

// Harold, your knowledge of our industry and knowing we could always rely on you to properly present CIMIC in Australia and internationally has been a great asset. //

Jackie Malouf, CIMIC