Over his long career as a broadcasting journalist, foreign correspondent and author, Harold has undertaken many thousands of interviews with the famous, the infamous and others whose names did not spread much further than the end of the streets where they lived.

He develops an empathy with his subjects that allows him to draw out their scarcely-remembered experiences and feelings.

This year, this aptitude led to him breaking new ground in biographies, with the Downer Group’s tribute book covering the life of popular executive Kevin Fletcher – whose premature death shocked his many friends in the corporate world.

In writing their biographies, Harold Abrahams has discovered information which they had never previously revealed to their families or closest friends. One had never ever shown emotion to the people around him – until he started recalling his childhood. Then, suddenly, he broke down in tears. “Harold, I just felt safe telling you this,” he admitted later.

Fearless Fred

Fred Millar, one of Australia’s most respected business leaders and chairman of several leading ‘listed’ and government corporations.

Tyree – The Will To Achieve

Sir William Tyree, the dynamic industrialist and benefactor whose name is commemorated at several Australian universities and research institutes. To meet his request, this book was researched, written, designed and printed in only 12 weeks.

The Amazing Bill Bursill

Property developer Bill Bursill, who very successfully took a different path from other developers. He was still planning a new resort, and skiing competitively, when aged in his nineties.

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// Harold, thank you for producing such a marvellous tribute to Kevin Fletcher. His memory is honoured through the wonderful stories you’ve managed to capture in this book. From concept through to completion you have been an absolute joy to work with, and this is truly a book we can reflect upon for many years to come. //

Claudia Blanch, Downer Group